Are You Really Ready To Change Your Life, Feel Happier & Get In Flow?


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If You’re Bored Of Feeling Overwhelmed,Stuck & Frustrated


You’re Ready To Change Your Life, Feel Happier And Increase Your Flow

If you’re really ready to:

Let go of the Stuckness

Change What you think & feel

Feel More  positive emotions

Create A life
You Love

So many people are living their lives out of flow, they feel stuck, challenges and overwhelmed in every minute of their day. You know if that’s you because most days feel like hard work. You feel swamped with things to do AND you feel that your thoughts and emotions control you.

The good news is this … It is EASY to change.

All you have to do is change how you think and feel, so that YOU manage your emotions, instead of them controlling you


Data: EAM Research Study 2016

The 3 REAL Things Standing In Our Way

 It Is Always One Of These 3 Reasons WHY We Don’t Change Our Lives

We Are Ruled By
Thoughts & Emotions

We believe we are at effect of our thoughts and emotions. Instead of understanding they are an outcome of something else. Instead of knowing we can control what we feel, shift it and then take action.

We are Focusing On What Isn’t There Yet

Instead of focusing on what they want or where they are heading most people are giving attention to what they don’t want or isn’t there yet. Whether it’s time, money or love

We are Busy Doing Nothing Getting No Where

So much of our time is wasted with being “busy”. Yet most people aren’t putting the time they have towards the life they really want. They are busy wasting time doing nothing and getting no where in life.

Which Is Why 74% Of People Never Complete What They Start  

Data Source: EAM Research Study 2016

The Thing About EAM Is, It Is So Powerful In Its Simplicity And That Is The Beauty Of It. I Am Really Looking Forward To Continuing My Journey With EAM And Being A Bigger, Bolder Brighter Version Of The Person I Am Now. Clare Ford

Working With EAM Is Like The Law Of Attraction On Steroids, With A Whole Load Of Other Stuff Going On. I’ve Tried Lots Of Things Before, Which Have Been Good. But EAM Has Just Brought Everything Else I Was Trying To Do Together In A FAR More Powerful Way. Ruth Bradshaw

When I First Decided To Come On This Course I Was Drawn To Do It, But I Couldn’t See What Difference It Would Make When I Had Learnt The Basics Of EAM. The Program Has Totally Exceeded My Expectations. I Have Learnt How To Use EAM In Every Area Of My Life. Since Using EAM To Get In Flow, We Are Now Booked Out

AND Trying To Keep Up With The Enquiries For My Business. It’s Made Huge Changes In My Life Which I Am Really Excited About.”

April Blanchard – Breathe Research

The 3 Real Ways You Can Change Your Life

So You Are Free, More In Flow & Feel Happier Every Day

Create An Attractive Mental & Emotional Space

To make ANY changes in your life you need the right mental, emotional and energetic space. The success of everything you do hinges on it.

Using the EAM every day in your life, you can make that shift. No matter what is happening around you. When you change your energy

EVERYTHING is possible.

Get Clear On Your
Vision For Life

Create a clear vision and know it like your favourite movie. It means you make better choices. You stop wasting time and feel great knowing everything is building to your future.

You’ll have certainty of direction, your confidence and self belief grown as you create everything you always dreamt of.

Taking Real
Aligned Action

Aligned action means taking action only when your energy, thoughts and emotions are in sync with what you’re doing.

When you take action from this place you get things done quicker AND it turns out the way you want it to.

The Energy Evolution – Breakdown Of The Programme

Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like If You Had It ALL In 10 Months

You can do this, we’ve created 3 levels of support so you have everything you need to change your life. No matter what has happened in your past, how much time or money you have right now there is always a way.

Each month we’ll work through one of the 10 key elements of your life, using EAM to shift the energy and bring them into flow. On our journey we complete over 88 energy shifting exercises, each specifically designed to change your life.

Thousands of people have changed their lives using The Energy Alignment Method ®. For all of those who’ve joined the Energy Evolution, I can’t put words to the AMAZING shifts they have had but most importantly they are feeling happier than ever. Let’s explore what you get…


This Is About What Makes Up Who You Are

Month 1 – Universal Laws and Energy

The foundation of our journey introduces the concepts and philosophies such as the Universal Laws and scientific research into the electro-magnetic energy. So your energy is more in flow and you no longer push against yourself.

Month 2 – Thoughts, Beliefs and Mind-Set

Explore your personal thinking, understand the impact of beliefs on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Together we let go of past memories, core beliefs, self-sabotage, patterns and self-imposed limitations. To create a way of thinking so you can create a life you love.

Month 3 – Emotional Health

Here we investigate your emotions and how they impact your everyday life. You will get to know the Emotional Scale, let go of addictive emotions, patterns and resistant energies which create habitual ways of feeling. Together we will raise your Emotional Set point, so that you are more consistently in a great feeling place.

Month 4- Physical Health

We turn our attention to your physical health and look at how disease is created through the bio-psycho-emotional connections. We create change by releasing resistant energy, creating healthier habits and bringing more flow into our bodies.


This Is About What You See & Do Everyday

Month 5 – Physical Environment

We move from personal reflection to look at our outer world, creating a physical environment that keeps you in flow. We look at how to create flow in your home, to clear stuck energy in your house or office so you are always in a supportive space which helps you expand.

Month 6 – Relationships

How to create alignment and flow in all your relationships. We discuss the energy dynamics and communication between ourselves and others so that we can really express unconditional love. You will transform the energy of relationships past, present and future and see how to manifest the relationships you want.

Month 7 – Lifestyle, Fun and Recreation

How to have more fun in life by releasing resistance and connecting to our childlike nature. We get out and actively start seeking new experiences you want so you can have a more fulfilling and adventurous life. (Essentially, it means we get to act like big kids!)


This Is About Getting Clear On What You Do In The World

Month 8 – Abundance, Money & Wealth

Become aligned with the energy of abundance, money and wealth and appreciation. We will look at shifting your existing energy limiting beliefs, behaviours, attitudes and stories. As well as practical steps to clearing debt and manifesting real wealth in your life.

Month 9 – Your Purpose, Passion & People

Discover how to find and live your purpose. We explore your passions & skills so you can see your unique work and what you offer. Discover your life message, your soulful story and the difference you want to make in the world. You can create a work life with more meaning.

Month 10 – Making An Impact

The final element is about sharing your message, making an impact at work or in your own business from your passion. Whether you want to work for yourself, someone else or be a part of a team. We look at the practical tools & business model to enable you to make money AND make a difference.

The Universe Took Everything I Asked For, Put It In A Wheel And Out Came Yvette And EAM . It Is Exactly What I Was Looking For,Needed And Wanted. The Last Year Has Gone

From Me Wanting To Erase All TraceOf Me Existing And It Has Been One Hell Of A Beautiful Journey…. EAM Has Been A Gift Of Light And Love From The Universe. It Grounds Every Lovely Feeling I Knew I Had And Now I Feel Secure, Content, Excited All At The Same Time.

Tiffany Lorriman

My main doubt was the money ………. how could I really justify investing so much in myself??? EAM addressed that doubt, the sway said YES!!

After coming along to the days. I know I made the right decision. I feel so privileged to be part of EAM and believe the Universe did a great job of bringing EAM to me. I love it.  Cheranne Kermath

In The Past I Have Taken Hours To Work On Getting In Balance Using Various Modalities And Then Find I Am Going Back Because It Only Stayed In Place For A Short Time With EAM You Can Undergo A Massive Shift So Simply And Easily …I Couldn’t Believe Something So Simple Was So Quick And Left Results That Give You A Solid Foundation To Build On. You Break The Process Down Into Simple ABC! Sunita Koshal

Option 1: The Energy Evolution  Creator

The “Homestudy” Level. An Easy Way To Say YES To Yourself And Release The Stuckness Holding You Back. Especially If You Feel Short Of Time Or Money. 

Here Is What You Get

10 Energy Evolution Elemental Workbooks

Created so you can work anywhere. Take them to work on the train, when doing the ironing or at the park. Record your notes and come back when you wish to.

10 Element Evolution Membership Access

Monthly on-line video training to explore each element, understand the theory & how to apply each theme.

10 Element Evolution Alignment Meditation

Specifically designed for each element to keep you in flow with the affirmations you create for STEP 5

Energy Emergence – 1 Free Guest Pass

Join our transformational 1 day live event with your friends and family. A great day for you and a way to share the experience with them.

Additional Bonuses:

Mindful of Money (Worth £28)

Get your hands on our Mindful of Money programme which will give you 88 Money Mindset messages to transform and create. A money meditation and video to help you create much bigger shifts in your wealth

The Creator level is £48 + VAT per month.  

If You Feel This Is Right For You… then  get in

touch to book a call to discuss with our Customer Love Team 

Option 2: The Energy Evolution  Collective

This Level Is For Those Who Want To Be Part Of Something Bigger, To Receive Support, Love And Connection With

Others Who Understand You.  

Everything Above Is Included Plus These Amazing Benefits Below:

Community Training & Live Q & A Calls

Twice a month Yvette will be sharing content and available for anything  on the live Q & A sessions.

These calls are an invalueable opportunity to explore more key principles and ways to use EAM.

EAM Mentor - Support And Accountability Mentor

You are matched to your Mentor using The Sway! You’ll be supported by one of only 16 people Worldwide, trained in EAM. Your mentors are your “go to” person to keep you accountable support you and your group members on bi weekly calls.

The Energy Gatherings 4 x Weekends Live Events

Immerse yourself in EAM in 4 x weekends of live events, which take place at Wotton House in Dorking. Spend two days a quarter, taking a deep dive into EAM with the support of your group and mentors so you can create bigger shifts than working on your own. Here is an idea of what we do:

  • Visualisation & Intentions
  • Home & Relationship
  • Wealth & Making An Impact
  • Your Growth & Future Plans

Energy Circle Group 2 x Per Month Accountability Calls

Individual support & masterminding to overcome challenges and celebrate wins, get support advice and EAM interventions.

It’s easy to get lost in a big group, which is why you have your Energy Circles. Twice a month, you get individual support from your mentor and group 6-12 members.

The Energy Evolution - Collective Facebook Group

Between the live events, this is where the power of the Collective comes to life.

You have a powerful supportive community. A place to share, ask questions and get support anytime.

You can post everyday if you need to. You’ll receive a flood of advice, ideas, support with how to use EAM and approach any challenges in your life.  We’re there to keep you in flow and moving in the right direction.

Energy Engagement (Worth £998)

You’ll be also be able to experience your transformational VIP day with one of our existing mentors, so you can create big shifts for yourself and see first-hand the transformational work you will be doing.

Mindful of Money (Worth £28)

Get your hands on our Mindful Of Money and discover 88 powerful Mindset messages you can use to shift and transform your abundance with EAM.

Your Soulful Business (Worth £1200)

A 3 day practical business workshop to enable you to get support and most importantly to IMPLEMENT your marketing, with our guidance so you can find more clients and build your own business outside of EAM. We’ll also get you tuned up on important presentation skills to prepare you for sharing the EAM message

  Plus all of this too…

By Now You’ll Know The Collective Is Right For You

The Collective Level is £198 + VAT per month. 

If You Feel This Is Right For You… then  get in touch to book a call to discuss with our

Customer Love Team 

“It Changed My Relationship With My Kids”
Martin Jones

“I’m Happier, More Relaxed, Less Stressed”
Tracy Williams

“Wow A Big Shift In My Energy”
Shari Thompson

Option 3: The Energy Evolution  Collaboration

This Level Is For Who Want To Become A Pioneering EAM Mentor

If You’re Ready To Be Part Of Something Special And Far Bigger Than You Can Do Alone.

You get everything outlined above in the 10 month Energy Evolution Collective Journey and then You’ll join us for a transformational 5-day intensive training where you’ll understand the practical and theoretical elements to creating BIG shifts in your clients using EAM

Lifetime 2 x Monthly Accountability Calls

Following the 5 day training twice a month you’ll get access to our mentoring and accountability calls. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about how to approach EAM, talk about client sessions, gain further insight and celebrate. For as long as we are going and you want to be a mentor you can continue to join these calls and get support from myself and our key EAM Mentors to help you on your journey.

Lifetime Access to EAM Collaborators Facebook Group

A place to connect, get advice insight and feedback from other mentors offering ongoing support

EAM Collaborators Training Platform

Access and updates to our EAM Mentors training platform which will include our live events and further in depth training. Elements of running and setting up your EAM mentors business will also be included, so you have everything you need in one place.

On Our Five Day Training We’ll Be:

 Day One

  • What It Means to be An EAM Leader
  • Getting You Clarity on your vision & Speciality With EAM
  • Your role as coach, therapist and mentor
  • What makes an EAM mentor different

Day Two

  • Essential coaching and mentoring skills
  • Different conceptual levels of coaching
  • How to engage clients in sessions
  • Understanding questioning
  • Using Your Listening Skills
  • Working With Communications styles

Day Three

  • Energy dynamics In Sessions
  • Body Language and Chinese energy diagnosis
  • Building Rapport In Client Sessions
  • Sensing The Energy in a session

Day Four

  • The science behind EAM
  • How EAM creates Change on physiological, psychological
    and energetic levels
  • Why we do the work we do
  • Understanding The Energy Roles Of Your head and heart
  • “Ninja EAM” Skills Needed To create Big Shifts

Day Five

  • Learn The 15 different approaches To EAM
  • How to lead transformational sessions
  • Discover Your EAM speciality
  • How communicate what you do with your market

Getting Your Accreditation

Following The 5 days Intensive Training, You Will Need To Complete:

  • 30 hours of mentoring sessions with case studies
  • Observe 4 VIP days and make note of learnings and next steps

 When You Are Qualified:

Once you complete the training and are qualified there are plenty of opportunities for you.

  • we support you to take the skills you learnt and go off to use them in your existing business
  • Work on sharing your message with the world in your own unique way.

If You Want To Continue Working With Us As Part Of The EAM Umbrella You Can:

  • Be paid monthly to take on your own mentoring group inside The Energy Evolution programme. Were we provide additional training to help improve your EAM and mentoring skills.
  • You also the option to be an EAM Mentor working on a consultancy basis to provide 121 coaching and VIP days for clients we find you. Our team at EAM manage the whole sales and marketing, we process for you, we book the clients and manage hotel bookings etc. for you, so you can just show up and do your transformational work.
  • Run workshops and events on our behalf, you will receive additional training and support to enable you to do so and be remunerated accordingly too!

By Now You’ll Know The Collaboration Is Right For You

The Collaboration Level is from £348+ VAT per month. 

If You Feel This Is Right For You… then  get in touch to book a call to discuss with our

Customer Love Team 


If You’re Ready To Be Part Of An Amazing Team And Become An EAM Mentor

Our Guarantee To You – You try it for 30 days and if you don’t LOVE it and are not seeing the SHIFTS, you can get your money BACK

“I Can Live My Life Passionately On Purpose”
Ruth Bradshaw

“I’m Just Blown Away”
Cath Stock

“I Feel A Much Happier, Lighter Person”
Esther Apoussidis

Meet The EAM Mentors

As part of the Collective & Collaborate package, you get your own personal accountability mentor, There to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Aine Cahil

Is passionate about creating a “Cleaner Planet”, by enabling people to clear toxic energy, emotions, foods and lifestyle habits

Catherine Dodd

works with busy entrepreneurial women & business owners who need support to keep them on their inspired path without burnout or overwhelm, helping them to find selfcare

Ceza Ouzounian

Works with women who are unhappy, insecure or hate their body.  Everyone deserves to feel amazing & confident in their body & about themselves.

Christine Richards

works with women over the age of 30 with hormonal issues, because I want all women to feel good about themselves and fulfil their goals.

Emma Taylor

helps athletes reach their full potential through sports,

Gean Taylor

works with people of all ages helping them clear their negative emotion, so they can feel better about themselves and find happiness.

Hazel Addley

works with people who are feeling stuck or unfulfilled in their life.  They know that something needs to change, they know they want more from life, but don’t know what to do about it.

Helen Jane

work with women who feel stuck in their lives because of their low self esteem, lack of confidence and patterns and habits that don’t serve them.

Jeani Howard

works to help women to feel amazing about themselves and their lives

Jo Tocher

works with women who have lost babies in pregnancy because I have been there and I know there isn’t enough support and how lonely and isolating it can be.

Jo Trewartha

specialises in health and wellbeing.

Karen Shaw

is the creator of Parenting Magic and works with parents to help them connect and communicate with their children in a conscious and confident way.


We want to ensure you have every opportunity to join so there are 3 ways for you to take part. No matter how much time or money you have right now there is something you can do.


  • 10 Element Evolution Workbooks – Take your work with you, wherever you are
  • 10 Element Evolution Video Access – In depth training to enable you to apply EAM to each area in your life
  • 10 Element Evolution Meditations – Meditiations designed to get in flow each month
  • Energy Emergence 1 Free Guest Pass – To share EAM with your friends & Family


  • 10 Element Evolution Workbooks – Take your work with you, wherever you are
  • 10 Element Evolution Video Access – In depth training to enable you to apply EAM to each area in your life
  • 10 Element Evolution Meditations – Meditiations designed to get in flow each month
  • Energy Emergence 1 Free Guest Pass – To share EAM with your friends & Family
  • Energy Gathering – 4 x 2 Day Live Events – Get together at immersion weekends and create huge shifts
  • Circle Accountability Calls x 2 Per Month – Group masterminding sessions on overcome challenges
  • Community Training & Live Q&A Calls – Ask anything to get a better understanding of EAM
  • Your Own Accountability Mentor – To love you, hold your hand & kick your ass
  • Lifetime Community Support – Once you’re in, you stay part of the online community


  • 10 Element Evolution Workbooks – Take your work with you, wherever you are
  • 10 Element Evolution Video Access – In depth training to enable you to apply EAM to each area in your life
  • 10 Element Evolution Meditations – Meditiations designed to get in flow each month
  • Energy Emergence 1 Free Guest Pass – To share EAM with your friends & Family
  • Energy Gathering – 4 x 2 Day Live Events – Get together at immersion weekends and create huge shifts
  • Circle Accountability Calls x 2 Per Month – Group masterminding sessions on overcome challenges
  • Community Training & Live Q&A Calls – Ask anything to get a better understanding of EAM
  • Your Own Accountability Mentor – To love you, hold your hand & kick your ass
  • Lifetime Community Support – Once you’re in, you stay part of the online community
  • 8 Practitioner & Business Training Days – Learn the skills of transforming lives with EAM mentoring, Business & marketing
  • Energy Engagement 1-2-1 Deep Release – Intensive 5 hour coaching to transform the things in your way
  • Become A Collaborator – Be part of the team, getting paid to change lives

Things you may want to know

Click the questions you may be asking to see the answer below

Who is this for?

This event is for those who are looking for a new way to change their life, feel happier and close the gap between where they are right now and where they want to be.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned workshop junky or just looking for a way to feel better, you’ll discover something you can take home and use at this event

What Type Of Businesses Is This For?

Most of the people I work with are already entrepreneurs with a passion, people who have a big vision, a dream or goal. The work they do has meaning, it is creating an impact in some way.

That said if you have NO idea what you want to do, whether you’re working for yourself or someone else and you want to discover your passion then this IS the journey for you…

What If I Have No Business Or Idea What I Want?

See above … But that is exactly what this journey can help you do. using EAM you can get the clarity you’re after to make sure you’re on the right path.

I believe everyone is here to make a difference in their own way, it doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or work for a company it’s ALL about who you are BEING in every interaction.

Is Lunch Included?

You’ll be welcome with tea, coffee etc and drinks, snacks will be available on the day. Please bring a lunch with you feel free to pop out during the lunch break to visit one of the many places to eat nearby.

What Times Does It Run?

Registration is 8:45 – 9:30am – This is a great opportunity to meet everyone and connect with those in the room. We being promptly at 9:30am with regular breaks and time for lunch. Depending on how long we are for the Q & A Session in the afternoon we should finish at 5:00 – 5:30pm (Because I do love to chat a bit!)

I Believe i cant change my life right now

Right now I know it can feel like it’s impossible to move from where you are to where you want to be. No one is expecting you to get there straight away, but there will be a step you can take to change your life. It will always begin with an energy, mindset or emotional shift. No matter what is happening in your life you can ALWAYS make this leap. You are not broken, no one is.

What If I Can't Afford It?

This is never an easy one to answer, because I know what it feels like to have no spare cash and feel worried about committing when you have no idea what could come of it. The way I used to make my decision was to ask myself “Will I learn something new?” “Will it help me move from here to where I want to be?”. If the answer is YES. Then I would do it.

If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got. So what do you want to do differently to change your life.

What Happens Next?

When you register your place for the event, you will receive a confirmation email straight away. Inside the email are all the details you need to find the venue, start times, directions and travel arrangements.

You’ll also receive the 4 videos free videos straight away so you can get started learning EAM straight away.

If you have any questions about your ticket please contact

I Believe I cant change my life right now

You may have been along to self help or law of attraction events before, yes sure. BUT I know for sure you won’t have seen it in this way. Why? Because the whole principle behind EAM is that it brings together a new way of thinking about changing your life and law of attraction.

I'm Not Ready... I'm Too Busy .. I'm Too ...

If there is anything inside you right now saying “I’m too ….. (busy, tired, poor, rich, overwhelmed, trapped, broken … (You fill in the blank) THOSE are the exact thoughts and emotions which may be holding you back from getting to where you want to be.

Until you do something to change the pattern of thoughts, your actions won’t change. If your thoughts, emotions and actions don’t change your life WILL stay the same. It’s just fact.

I’m NOT Ready – You believe in the law of attraction – Ask yourself honestly did the universe bring us together just for this or are you REALLY ready to take a quantum leap in your life? The universe has a bigger plan for you, I know you feel it – THAT is why you get the wobbles in your belly when you think about the life you REALLY want …. because where your current reality IS out of alignment with the reality the universe ALREADY holds for you!

How long do I have to access the content?

You’ll be able to access the 4 part video series straight away. Of course the event is the event, so you’ll need to be there to transform your life. The additional 90 minute session will be available as a recording for you to access after the live call too.

I'm Doing Ok On My Own I Think I'll Wait

I think you’re right. I know you CAN do this on your own. In fact my whole principle behind EAM is that you CAN do this alone. I believe everyone should feel empowered to take control of their life because no one else is every going to do it for you.

AND … whilst it IS down to you to change your life – Sometimes you need someone there with you to hold your hand, to help you up again when you fall and to believe in you and your vision on days when you feel like you can’t. THAT is why I always have a mentor and I suggest you do too …

Will There Be A Q & A?

Yes… We do … It’s really important to me that you leave the day with an answer to questions you’re asking. So we’ve got some free flow time to ask any BIG questions in the room.

What Should I Wear?

Something that makes you comfortable. And wear layers too, you never know what the temperature in the room will be. Trying to accommodate for everyone who is hot and cold isn’t easy so bring layers with you.

What Should I Bring?

Bring yourself. You may also want to bring along a journal or workbook so you can write your notes, ahaha moments and anything you need to work on.

Will I Be On Camera?

Yes maybe. No doubt we will be taking some pictures and videos throughout the day. You will be asked to sign a permission form when you enter the room. IF you feel that you really do not wish to give permission, we are happy to refund your ticket costs at the event. However, we will be recording, taking photos and video footage.

How Can I Get A Refund?

As per the money back guarantee above if you come along to the day and don’t love it by the end of session 2, just come and ask and the team will make sure you get all of your money returned no questions asked. Refunds are not available if you’re unable to attend. We reserve the right to change the date/time or venue. Your ticket will be valid at the new venue and therefore is not subject to a refund. Of course you can always give it to a friend.

One last thing... If you're still torn ...

If you’re still feeling torn, I ask you to close your eyes for a moment and  ASK yourself these questions

  • Is this event right for me?
  • Did i get guided to this because it was the answer i am looking for?
  • Is now the right time to do this event?
  • Is this going to take me on the next step in my journey?

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