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how to manifest your dreams into realityHow to Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality: We all have the beautiful gift and ability to manifest anything. Except it isn’t a skill we are often taught. The whole journey of awakening (empowerment / alignment – whatever you want to call it), is about waking up this skill we have and putting it to good use.

When most people think about manifesting they think about a physical thing, like a car or house or money – but you manifest everything every day. Manifesting is the ACT of making something happen.

We are natural manifestors, we are BORN to manifest. We manifest everything even if we don’t know it but we can choose to manifest consciously by becoming aware of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions.

Manifesting happens through the focus, attention and energy you give to a particular situation. So it’s your choice what you focus on.

Have you ever noticed that in any moment your mind is constantly trying to get somewhere or achieve something?

It is always dreaming something up, painting a picture or imagining something happening. Through this journey you’ll see that your thoughts and feelings create what you see in the world. Whatever you place your attention on is what grows and manifests into our daily living.

Your ability and speed of manifesting actually depends on what I call your energy alignment level, this vibration is an actual physical measurable frequency that relates to the consistent energy, emotion, and consciousness your body typically remains in throughout your day. Our journey with EAM and all spiritual or personal development practices is to raise this level of energy.

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