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How Do I Use The 5 Steps Of The Energy Alignment Method?

How Do I Use The 5 Steps Of EAM – The Energy Alignment Method

The Energy Alignment Method is the only Energy Psychology process designed to get you Living the Law Of Attraction. Our mission is to enable more people to understand how to be happy in any area of your life.

EAM is a bridge between Eastern & Western Principles. There is a deep basis in eastern spiritual principles, universal laws, therapeutic methods and energy work. Based in modern research into quantum physics, neuroscience and neurocardiology.

The Energy Alignment Method is a speedy, effective 5 step process to shift your energy into a coherent energy state.

This coherent energy state is know as flow. The state of flow or alignment actually creates changes on a physiological, psychological and energetic levels of our experience.

This unique and relatively new modality will allow you to transform any spiritual, mental, emotional or physical resistance you may experience.

The ultimate outcome for using EAM is to change the way you think and feel, so you understand how to be happy and change your life. We want to make living the Law of attraction and other universal laws easy. It doesn’t have to be complicated or and being flow doesn’t mean you have to believe in fairies either !

When you live your life in this state of flow ANYTHING is possible and you can create or manifest anything you want.

Here Are The 5 Steps To The Energy Alignment Method

So here’s the 5 Steps to EAM – It’s a very simple powerful process.

We use a method of dowsing from Kinesiology to receive an ideomotor response (eg a signal through our Physiology) in answer to the question we’ve asked. This is lovingly known as “The Sway”.


With this step you simply ask yourself a question.Using our body we are able to receive a response. We are able to ask simple YES or NO answer questions.This step is to give you clarity on what you need to shift. Ask your energy a simple question about the subject to see if it is something you need to work on. Example: “Am I holding any resistance or worry when I think about making more money?”


Your energy body will respond and give you the YES or NO answer to the question you asked. Forwards is usually (YES) and Backwards is usually (NO). If anything else check for energy reversal.

If YES go to step 3 if NO and you feel in flow with it go to step 5.


With this step we are tuning into our experience of the energy, thought or emotion. There are 3 ways to get clarity on this to help us assess the effect it has on our energy system. This step is all about assessing what is happening in your energy when you think about that subject.

There are 3 ways for you to do this step – choose which is appropriate for you.


Describe what it feels like in your body.

What size colour or shape is it? Where is it? What does it fee like?


Using the sway find a specific number of those resistances eg.

“Do I have more than 100?” (The sway will say yes or no).

If NO you may ask.

“Do I have more than 50?” (The sway will say yes or no).

If NO you may ask.

“Do I have more than 25?” (The sway will say yes or no).

If YES you may ask.

“Do I have more than 30?” (The sway will say yes or no).

If NO … find the number. You don’t always have to get the specific number but you get the idea.


When you close your eyes and think about your resistance or challenge do you see a picture?

Describe what is happening in the picture


Now you’re clear what it feels like in your body, how many there are or what the picture looks like you can

now do the release statement. This is where we let go of the resistance in our energy. It is a very simple but powerful transformation statement. You can adapt it in thousands of ways. It is usually structured simply.

” I am ready to release this _____ (thought/feeling/belief/wish/pattern etc). I release it from my energy in all forms on all levels at all points in time.

Repeat this statement at least 3 times or until you can no longer feel it. You may have do this another 2 or 3 times or Until Resistance Has Gone.

Check in with the sway again and ask



“I am ready to release hard red circle in my stomach when I think about work i release it from my

energy in all forms, on all levels at all points in time”


“I am ready to release these 543 thoughts or beliefs about my work. I release it from my energy in all

forms, on all levels at all points in time”


“I am ready to release this image of a brick wall in front of me. I release it from my energy in all forms,

on all levels at all points in time”

Repeat step 4 until you have released the resistance around it.

You can ask the sway “Have I released this resistance about ________?”

If YES then you can move to step 5


This time you get to choose what you experience . This is where you manifest your new future. Now

you’re ready to allow a new belief, thought or pattern.

Choose a positive affirmative statement

“I am ready to receive/ create / feel / manifest/ experience “ (whatever the subject). I allow this into my energy

energy, in all forms, on all levels, at all points in time.”

You should repeat this statement at least 3 times or until your body responds with a positive sway

forwards (YES) when you are affirming. Keep repeating this statement until you feel it in your energy.


“I am ready to allow this big yellow circle of calm and confidence in my body when I think about work.

I allow this into my energy in all forms on all levels at all points in time.”


“I am ready to allow myself to have 100,000 new beliefs I am good enough. I allow this into my energy

in all forms on all levels at all points in time.”


“I am ready to allow this new pathway to take me forward. I allow this into my energy in all forms on

all levels at all points in time.”

How To Deal With An Energy Reversal

You know there is an energy reversal to release when one of the following happens


You get a backwards sway for something which should be a yes and forwards for a no


The side to side sway or round in circles again tells you there is something else going on.


So with step 4 you’ve done it a couple of times and it doesn’t shift something


You feel the emotions are overwhelming or make you feel stuck or frozen

For now keep it simple, just find out what age you were when you created this energy pattern.

Ask the sway

1. “How old was I when I created this reversal about ________?”

Sway up and down until you find the age you were

2. You may choose to ask “Was this about _________?”

Eg it may be something you are aware of people or situations that happened at that age

3. “I am ready to release this energy reversal about _________ from age _________? I release it

from my energy in all forms on all levels at all points in time”

You may need to repeat it 2 or 3 times

4. Ask the sway “Have I released this energy reversal about ________?”

5. If you have released it – then move onto step 5 ….

EAM and Yvette Taylor found me because I was ready to say yes to me. The universe already had my back and I was lucky enough to have my eyes open. This journey has already changed my life, and me, for the better. After only two months so many people have said how different I am and I know my soul grows every day as I discover new parts of me. I feel am being reborn to be the gift I should be for the world. I have a vision now because of EAM and using EAM daily to help me reach my dreams.

There is no ONE thing that made me choose to do EAM the universe delivered a string of events and with my eyes wide open I came on board. This has been the best decision of my life. EAM is real and it is truly amazing to be a part of something special.

Lorraine Sinyard

This EAM is magic – there is such a wealth of knowledge support and love inside this that you cannot imagine it would be possible until you come through the door … and it just grows and grows . I don’t think words can do it justice …

The incredibly unconditional support during the experience, the amazing shifts in myself and others that I was privileged to be a part of and the complete acceptance that this was my journey and my decision to make whether to carry on .. and that the support was there made me take the leap.

I still have wobbles wondering if I am mad or selfish etc .. after all status quo is ok and safe .. but do I really want to spend the rest of my life just waiting to die? OR did I want to live !

Sunita Koshal

After the 15 days using EAM I was blown away by how much I changed and my life was changing around me. It was phenomenal.

Two months in, I am amazed by the magic of EAM. It hasn’t been easy and I have had some tough days but my goodness the other side is euphoric.

The support from the group, the mentors and you has been amazing and the initial worries about money are well and truly out of the window…it is worth every penny and I can’t wait to see Kerry on the other side because I’m already seeing huge changes and I feel the luckiest person alive that I’ve found you! Bring it on!

Kerry O Sullivan


By Using EAM To Let Go Of Stress, Overwhelm And Feeling Stuck So You Can Really Start Living The Law Of Attraction

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