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Meet the EAM Mentors - Law Of Attraction Life Coach

Want To Change Your Life?

If you’re looking for a life changing experience or want to know how to be happy then look no further.

Meet our amazing team of Law of Attraction Life Coaches. These aren’t just any old practitioners either.

They are one of only 16 people in the world certified to work with EAM – The Energy Alignment Method.

What Qualifies Them To Work With You?
Good question .. we have pretty high standards when it comes to our training. Unlike some other trainings, we don’t just run a 2 day Law of Attraction or Life Coaching course and then send people out into the world.

Why not ? Well we believe that people need to walk their talk. If you’re making the choice to work with someone make sure you know they are doing it too.  The ability they have to change your life is directly linked to the work they have done for themselves.

This is why our EAM Mentors have spent at least 12 months working with this, applying what they know to change their lives before they work with you. It’s not just theory they are living the Law Of Attraction every day.

The great news is they are here to help you do the same. To change your life using this powerful method too.

Yvette Taylor - Creator Of EAM

I love to enable people like you to change their lives. I get to have fun in the world sharing EAM and helping you to shift ANY resistant thoughts, beliefs or energy. So you can be happier, move forward and change your life.

Aine Cahill - EAM Life Coach

I’m Aine Cahill, my role is to empower parents to regain their health and be the best version of themselves. To be an inspiration for their children and empower them to live a wholesome life of health, happiness, love and joy.

Catherine Dodd - EAM Life Coach

I’m Catherine Dodd, I work with busy entrepreneurial women & business owners who need support to keep them on their inspired path without burnout or overwhelm, helping them to find selfcare, action & accountability for mind body & energy.

Ceza Ouzounian - EAM Life Coach

I’m Ceza Ouzounian, I work with women who are unhappy, insecure or hate their body because every women deserves to feel amazing and confident in their body and about themselves.

Christine Richards - EAM Life Coach

I’m Christine Richards, I work with women over the age of 30 with hormonal issues, because I want all women to feel good about themselves and fulfil their goals.

Emma Taylor - EAM Life Coach

I’m Emma Taylor, my passion is to help athletes reach their full potential through sports.

Gean Taylor - EAM Life Coach

I’m Gean Taylor, I work with people of all ages helping them clear their negative emotion, so they can feel better about themselves and find happiness.

Hazel Addley - EAM Life Coach

I’m Hazel Addley, I work with people who are feeling stuck or unfulfilled in their life. They know that something needs to change, they know that they want more from life, but don’t know what to do about it.

Helen Jane - EAM Life Coach

I’m Helen Jane, I work with women who feel stuck in their lives because of their low self esteem, lack of confidence and patterns and habits that don’t serve them.

Jeani Howard - EAM Life Coach

I’m Jeani Howard, I help women to feel amazing about themselves and their lives.

Jo Tocher - EAM Life Coach

Hey I’m Jo. I work with women who have lost babies in pregnancy because I have been there and I know there isn’t enough support and how lonely and isolating it can be.

Jo Trewartha - EAM Life Coach

I’m Jo Trewartha, EAM™ Mentor specialising in health and wellbeing.

Karen Shaw - EAM Life Coach

I’m Karen Shaw, creator of Parenting Magic. I work with parents to help them connect and communicate with their children in a conscious and confident way.

Louise Price - EAM Life Coach

I’m Louise, I work with ladies in mid-life who are having to forge a new life for themselves after a relationship breakdown or loss of partner.

Paula Kalik - EAM Life Coach

I’m Paula Kalik, I work with people that think past events prevent them from fulfilling their true potential and seem to attract unhappiness.

Penny Tree - EAM Life Coach

I’m Penny Tree, I work with middle aged women who have arrived at a pivotal moment in their lives and are not sure how to move forward.

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By Using EAM To Let Go Of Stress, Overwhelm And Feeling Stuck So You Can Really Start Living The Law Of Attraction

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