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EAM is more than a transformational self-help method, it’s a way of life.
We’ve created a whole host of ways for you to get started using EAM to shift your energy, thoughts and emotions. Let’s begin…

The Energy Experience

The Energy Experience is a brand new Online Community and is one of our most exciting and transformational journeys. Inside each element of the program you’ll find step by step videos, transcripts, audios and worksheets to enable you to change your life. We will be continually adding more new content and training to this site for you too. There is nothing like spending time learning from like-minded people who really “get” this. Together we’ll be working to make sure that you can use EAM to truly change your life.

The Energy Evolution

This program is the heart of EAM, this is really the guided journey. We will show you step by step how to change your life using EAM. It is like a BIG energy spring clean. This journey is about learning to work with the flow rather than pushing and fighting against it. Together we’ll go on a ten-month journey to truly transform everything you know. Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and health. Your home, relationships and the way you live. I’ll show you how to create more money, truly live your passion and make your difference in the world.

Coaching Certification

If you know you’ve been called to make a bigger difference in the world, come and become a certified EAM mentor and life coach as part of our accredited program. If you want to be part of a team who are truly out there making an impact, the journey begins with you. Up levelling you and your life before you can make a real impact with your work. As well as changing your life you will discover how to skilfully transform the lives of others. This is unlike any other Life Coach Certification because our focus is on changing the energy.

There really is nothing else like it.

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