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A transformational online community.
Let’s make being in flow a way of life!

If you’re here I believe it’s for a reason,
you’ve been searching for a way to change your life,
be free and create more flow faster ….

Now it’s time to make take your EAM journey to the next level
so that you can let go of the things which held you back,
create bigger shifts, transformations and changes in your life.

The Energy Experience is one of our
most exciting and transformational journeys

Included inside here are two of our research studies we’ve have taken more than 9000+ people through. By simply following the steps there was a 175% increase in the number of people who went from stress, fear and overwhelmed to happy and empowered in less than 7 Days.

When you join the Energy Experience, you will:

  • Experience more shifts, ahaha moments and breakthroughs over one weekend than most people do in a year
  • Let go of the repeating patterns, ways of thinking and stuck emotions which hold you back in every area of your life
  • Change the “things” you are yet to discover are hidden in your energy and are the biggest reason your life is yet to change to be the thing you want
  • Plan your path to freedom in all 10 key areas of your life, identify the right starting points and get moving yourself to where you really want to be
  • Bring your vision to life and let’s create your new reality together with a community of like-minded, open, generous people who “get it” and are there to support you
  • Share your experiences and your transformations… use what you’ve learned to help others and make an impact
  • Be part of something bigger… the Energy Alignment Method is the growing at a exponential rate and you have a chance to be here right at the start

Now for the MOST exciting and transformational part of this journey

It’s time to change your life, like any awesome journey you also need to prepare.

In the years I’ve been teaching EAM I’ve seen time and time again the same old things stop people from getting started. Ironically it’s the very same things which have sent them on the search to be here which stop them from actually creating the change.

Until you discover what they are and how to really let them go life will just continue to stay the same.

That is exactly what I want to share with you here.

It’s time to write your new story…how will you use this journey to change your life?

If you’re here, maybe you’ve experienced first-hand what it’s like having the Energy Alignment Method (EAM) working in some areas of your life. Well, what you know already was just the tip of the iceberg …
Imagine if you really knew how to take the shifts, changes, leaps forward in your energy, so you can change what you think and how you feel?

How much brighter would your life be if you knew how to use EAM in any moment, at any time with every decision?

Do you know how magic your life would feel you were using EAM day after day after day?

Where would you be in a week? A month? A year?

My name’s Yvette Taylor and I’m the creator of the Energy Alignment Method (EAM)

Do you know it gives me such a buzz to see so many people wake up to a life that is meant to be happy.
I get goosebumps when I see people let go of the things that have been holding them back for years. It still blows my mind to see how quick and easy it is for anyone to use EAM and make so many positive changes in their life… and do it all so quickly.

This is not one of those hypey things telling you the answers to all your problems is just one click away. You’ll never hear from me “Manifest your dream life in 2 minutes” or “Call in all the money you want in 30 seconds”

Bleurgh …. they make me a little mad to be honest (yes I should probably EAM that too hahaha)

But those things only tell you half the story. Which is why they often haven’t worked for you or me before. I’m not a fan of those things either.

I want to be truthful with you. Because changing your life is NOT an overnight thing.Yet is totally worth doing … in fact it is vital that you do.

YES what I am sharing is life changing.

YES what is inside The Energy Experience has the power to set you free.

YES what you’ll learn will change your perception of life and give you a whole new level of clarity.

AND ……YOU have to do the work.

All of those things will only happen when you follow what we’ve shared. We’ve made it as EASY as possible for you to begin following the steps to get there too.

Inside The Energy Experience I have given you everything you need to start putting EAM into action in your life so you can start experiencing bigger shifts, ahahs moments and breakthroughs.

Of course, once you get started and understand the 5 Steps that’s when the magic happens… that’s also when all the questions come flooding out too ….. !

  • How do you use EAM for this?
  • What do I do when I want to do that ?
  • How do I let go of this resistance or reversal?
  • What words do I say when this thing is in my way?
  • Why does this thing keep holding me back?
  • How can I work on this challenge I have right now ?
  • This thing I am working on just seems to get stuck?
  • I don’t know .. how can I shift this feeling ?

Learn the art of  the Energy Alignment Method!

You see it’s about understanding what sits behind it all

What we’ve found working with thousands of women and men who are starting out on their EAM journey that it’s these questions that come up time and time again. Yet once you master this and have some deeper understanding of the science, theory and step by step ways to apply EAM in different areas of your life. You soon get the hang of it.
In fact it becomes second nature… THAT is when the real magic begins.

But like any adventure it’s best to have a guide there with you “side-by-side” when you’re starting out. Which is why we’ve created this training and community space for you. So you have me and our team of incredible EAM mentors with you by your side to answer any questions you may have.

It also helps when you have a little bit of magic thrown in too…

Personally, I’ve always worked with a mentor or guide when I want to do something new in my life. Why? Because I would rather follow the guidance of someone who walks their talk, who has been there and done it and can guide me on the right steps, rather than guessing how to do it all on my own.

Let’s face it you get where you want to go so much quicker with a mentor

That’s exactly what we’ve created for you inside The Energy Experience, this is the best way to take your EAM practice to the next level, where you have the chance to do this work alongside myself our mentors and others who can help you create this bigger shifts in your life.

It’s time to shift your energy, so you can change your life & be happier…

Inside this program we’ll be shifting and changing your energy with EAM.

Be part of the community, there is nothing like spending time learning from like-minded people who really “get” this.

Together we’ll be working to make sure you can use the Energy Alignment Method to truly change your life.

This is for you if…

  • You’re on a mission to discover a deeper connection with yourself and your spirituality, you know there something bigger to tap into in our lives
  • You want to understand more about the power of Energy Psychology on our emotions and thoughts and you want to create a better life by releasing that “stuckness” in your energy system
  • You’re looking to find a practical way to apply what you know about things like EFT, NLP or Coaching or therapy to finally give you the life you deserve and so you can feel happier
  • You love your work as a healer, a coach or a mentor. You’re already changing lives and want to be part of a bigger mission, to have a deeper and faster impact on your clients and work with a group of like minded people on this journey
  • You’re want to really be living the Law of Attraction and know there’s something that’s still holding you back from the massive transformation you know is coming to you.


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