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what are core beliefsWhat are core beliefs? Your beliefs about yourself are just repetitive thoughts you will keep on thinking. These are some more standard set points that you have (remember those neural pathways)!

Beliefs are like the lenses through which we view our world. They are your window on life and determine your outlook and approach. Beliefs are based on personal life experiences. They are opinions and views and generally come from others, be it family, religion, media, education and the like.

Some of the beliefs we hold serve us, they can enlighten and support us. They provide us with a sense of love, guidance and wellbeing. Some of the beliefs we hold do not serve us. They cloud and limit our perception of ourselves and the world around us. They act like that “voice” inside our head that makes us question/doubt/hold back/give up on our life and our dreams. Without awareness, we are likely to think and act as if our beliefs are actual truths. This is great if the beliefs are positive but not good for us when the beliefs are limiting.
It is these core beliefs which change our perception of what is possible or likely, of where we can go or what we can do in the world.

As you will have experienced sometimes we come across statements which feel difficult to let go of because we are challenging a core part of ourselves. These may well be the ones we most need to let go of to create a life of flow and ease.

When you can transform these core beliefs which do not serve you – then you will begin to see your life getting better and better. This is because what you believe internally inside of you will be reflected back into your external world and reality.

This element is all about getting connected to your personal core beliefs. These are expressed as, ‘I AM’ statements. There is immense power in ‘I AM’. Be aware of, and note, what you attach to it because, ‘I AM’ is literally you. Nobody else can say, ‘I AM on your behalf.’ Tell yourself, ‘I am fat and need to lose weight’ and you simply reinforce what you don’t want.  ‘I AM’ acts as a command to your higher source.

When you believe, ‘I AM one with Divinity’ you are co-creating and honouring your inner-light and brilliance. With EAM we can create our own destinies using, the ‘I AM’ power.

Our core beliefs run every aspect of our life. From the age of 0 – 7 our entire focus is to learn and absorb. We are literally like giant sponges soaking up everything in our experience. We do this by learning about the things we SEE around us, things we FEEL from others and the WORDS others say. Then we create our OWN perception of a situation and from that we make a decision about the way the world works.

These perceptions aren’t always TRUE but they are TRUE for us. Very often we are running our adult lives based on the choices we made as a young child. We want to engage and ramp up those beliefs which serve us and we want to transform the beliefs which do not serve us so that we can use that energy to be in alignment.

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