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what is universal lawWhat is Universal Law ? Universal Laws, maybe you’ve called them Spiritual Laws or Laws of Nature are the unwavering and unchanging principles that govern every aspect of our lives and the universe. They enable everything to exist, to grow and expand.

Remember the universe began in, and came from, chaos and from that chaos came order and it is these principles of order which created the universal laws we live within today. The wonderful thing about energy is that it is always moving and changing, nothing is complete, some of these laws may seem contradictory but all these principles do apply.
Whether you’re conscious of them or not – they are still there, they still work in your life, they still apply.

Let me introduce you to a few of the universal laws

The Law of The Universal Mind
This law embodies the truth that “All is Mind.” The Universe is Mental, meaning it is consciousness and we play our part in that connected consciousness. We are all one and it is our mind, consciousness, thoughts and energy which is the greatest communication between us all.

The Law of Attraction
You will probably know this one well, this principle means that like attracts like, everything is a magnet attracting like energy back to it. The more you have, the more will come to you. When you simply think and feel more positive things – more will come. Likewise, the more you focus on lack, fear and negativity the more will come.

The Law of Correspondence
The law of correspondence means what you see going on in your life outside is also what is happening within your energy and vice versa. For example, if something is happening on a global level, say we are experiencing a war, this war creates fear in the world which on a personal level creates fear in the person. Think about the level of pollution on our planet and the correlation to the increase in illnesses within ourselves. This is no coincidence.

The Law of Vibration
This is the idea that everything in the universe is simply a vibration – everything is moving nothing rests, it vibrates, and circles, everything has a resonance and a vibrational frequency.

The Law of Momentum
The law of momentum is about the amount of energy or speed that something has. Everything has a momentum and it is this momentum which controls the speed at which things change or manifest

The Law of Polarity
There is an equal and opposite for everything. Everything you want has an equal level of things you DON’T want, everything you don’t want has an equal level of things you DO want.

The Law of Rhythm
Everything has a flow, it all has its own rhythm. Life runs to its own beat, so you WILL experience ups & downs, you WILL experience highs and lows.

The Law of Cause and Effect
Everything happens for a reason. For every situation – there is a cause for every effect, and an effect for every cause. There is no such thing as chance, maybe you don’t know what caused something but everything has an initial start point.

The Law of Compensation
The law of compensation means you are always rewarded in a LIKE manner for your contribution, it means what you give out (without expectation) will come back to you (usually 10-fold). This works both ways, but also to know that Material gifts ARE spiritual – manifested knock on wood things are allowed! Abundance DOES exist!

The Law of Action
This law means you have to take action. The world we live in has a denser, heavier energy so therefore it takes more than just thought in order to change things. But, that action must be aligned and in flow with what the universe is doing otherwise you create resistance.

The Law of Gender
In the Yin & Yang principle, everything has varying degrees of each of masculine and feminine energy, we need to have both in our lives. Everything contains masculine and feminine aspects to greater or lesser degrees.
Everything is always in comparison to the other but BOTH aspects are always needed, one cannot exist successfully without the other.

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